The Evocative Landscape

The Path - Oil


Place matters.  Like most landscape artists, I am concerned with capturing a sense, or rather the spirit, of a place.  Some artists seek to accomplish this by working on location and painting en plein air.  I find that I need some distance – both physically and emotionally – from the places I paint.  I need time to reflect, to distill my memories and focus on the aspects that truly affect me.  I need time to paint with a sense of longing for the places I miss.   To this end, I paint from a combination of memory and imagination in the studio, referring to field sketches and photographs as necessary to maintain my vision. 


My intent is to capture an evocative feeling of the places and things I feel connected to.  My subjects are grounded in reality, but I often alter colors, lighting, and the relationships between elements to more accurately express my thoughts and emotions.  I use combinations of transparent and opaque layers of paint to create a luminous glow, often using large areas of pure color to define simply rendered forms.  I seek a balance between subtlety and bold juxtapositions.  Painting for me is an act of investigation.  I’m trying to learn something about myself, the world, and my place in it.



Mark Nesmith Studio

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